Starting A Meetup

Why Start a Meetup?


Meet others who share the same interests and help them incorporate Monero into their lives.

Become A Leader

Learn valuable organizational and leadership skills as the meetup grows. Apply these skills elsewhere in life.

Become An Expert

People will ask challenging questions and present new ideas, teaching new things to both the host and attendees.

Help to Grow

Help bring new developers, businessses,  and educators into the community helping to grow the Monero economy.

What’s Needed

A Venue To Host

Assume at first the meetup will be small; less than 5 people, so there is not much perparation needed. Find a bar/cafe that is in a central location in your city or town and pick a night that is not to busy.

As the meetup grows, consider calling ahead to make reservations and moving locations to a more suitable venue. Finding the best location isn’t mandatory at first and will grow and change as the meetup does.

Announce the meetup on a website like or create a website!

A Free Evening Once A Month

There isn’t a huge time commitment needed to begin a meetup. The most important thing is consistency. If the host wants more people to attend, the location, time, and date should be consistent.

Starting once a month is fine. For example, the last Wednesday of every month. This way people can easily schedule and plan ahead.

As the meetup grows and features more regular attendees, it will make sense to host the meetup more often, perhaps bi-weekly. This allows the conversations and groups to be more diverse.

A Friend or Two

Find a friend who shares the same interest in Monero and encourage them to attend. It’s easier to get discussions going with more people.

If finding friends who want to learn more about Monero is hard, consider going to other meetups to find people with similar interests. Consider inviting them to come out. Over time a community will form and new friends will be made.

Optional: Educational Material

To help spur conversation, it is helpful to bring along some materials for people to look at. Below are some useful suggestions on what to bring:

  • Brouchure giving a brief overview of Monero and it’s features. Find one here.
  • Stickers
  • Selling copies of Mastering Monero or having a copy for people to look through
  • A laptop with this website open for people to learn and ask questions

Make sure whoever is hosting the meetup is comfortable answering questions on the material they hand out. If they aren’t, then it’s okay to learn during the meetup!

What To Expect

It’s important to have realistic expectations for a meetup so the host doesn’t get discouraged.¬† Most people probably won’t become regulars. This is normal, the more regular the meetup is held, the more legitimate it becomes – and the more people will be willing to attend!

As long as the host is warm, welcoming and informative, people will come. Over time, regulars will come out to each meetup and a community will start to form.

The host will also notice that the meetups depend greatly on the current price of Monero. When the price is high, more people will show. When the price is low, the turn out may be smaller. This is also normal and demonstrates why it’s important to talk about more than just the price at meetups.

How To Grow A Meetup

Tell Others

Post the meetup on various forums and social media networks to try and get more attention.

Invite Speakers

Invite notable Monero community members to come speak. Be sure to tell people beforehand!

Get Sponsors

Get the venue or other providers to sponsor the meetup. It’s a good way to make the meetup more legitimate.


Here is an example of a meetup to use a guideline.

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