A pool is a simple website that lets you view current stats for the network, pool, and your own miner. Most mining pools don’t require signup, just a Monero wallet address will do. Only mine to a personal wallet, never mine to an exchange wallet address.

The pool pictured here is www.supportXMR.com

Along the top are the current hashrates for the total Monero network, the pool, and the wallet address currently being viewed.

(1 MH/s = 1,000,000 H/s)

Clicking “Dashboard” on  shows further details.

Number of guesses being made each time on the network in this case 461,270,000 every second.

The current difficultly of the mining algorithm, this will go up and down as the network hash rate goes up and down to maintain that 2 mins block time.

Not important don’t worry about it.

The current number of blocks in the monero blockchain, the next block will be number 1,710,200 in this case.

The amount of Monero given to the miner who solved the last block.

The amount of time that has passed since the last block was found.

Next to the Network Stats are the Pool Stats, the pool stats are specific only to the pool being looked at, in this case SupportXMR.

The pool’s Hash Rate, in this case 92,240,000 H/S. This means that SupportXMR is 19.99% of the Monero Network.

The hash of the last block, or simpler terms the winning “answer” to the last block.

The percentage the pool will charge from your rewards to use it.

The number of blocks the pool has found

The number of active miners on the pool

The total number of miners paid on the pool

The number of payouts made to miners.

Underneath the Network Stats and the Pool Stats is a place to enter a Monero address labeled “Enter Payment Address”. Doing that now and pressing Enter or the button that says “Track Live Stats” will reveal stats for miners that are associated with that address.

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