Setting Up XMR-Stak

Add a Windows Exception

Before downloading a mining program, be sure to set an exception within Windows Defender. There is malware that makes use of mining programs on computers without the owners consent, as a result sometimes Windows will flag the mining program as a concern. Downloading the miner directly from the developers, as linked to on this site will minimize the chances of getting malware.

1. The first thing to do is to go into your Documents folder and make a new folder called “XMR-Stak”

2. Press the Windows button in the bottom left of the monitor and type in “Windows Defender” and press “Enter”.

3. Click on “Virus and Threat protection” (right)

4. Click on “Virus and threat protection settings”

5. Scroll down and click “Add or remove exclusions”

6. Click on “Add an exclusion” then “Folder” from the drop down.

7. Navigate to the “XMR-Stak” folder that was created earlier.

8. Click “Select Folder”

9. If done properly the “exclusions” screen should look like the picture below.


With that out of the way. Proceed to download the miner and extract it to the “XMR-Stak” folder. Click the button to the right to download the latest version of XMR-Stak.

Once extracted your folder should look like the picture below.

Setting Up

Start by running “xmr-stak.exe” and simply follow the prompts.

1. The first question, “Do you want to use the HTTP interface?”. Simply enter a zero and press enter as this feature most likely won’t be used.

2. The miner will ask which currency/algorithm you want to mine. Enter “monero” and press enter

3. The miner now wants the address/URL of the pool. Most pools have their configurations listed under the “Getting Started” page (pic right). Navigate to SupportXMR’s Getting Started page and note the URL, and port, 3333. Enter that information into the mining program (below).

Tip: Right click in the miner window to paste things

4. Enter the wallet address as the username for the pool. Simply copy and paste it then press enter.

5. In the password section SupportXMR allows a miner name to be set.

6. The rig identifier can be left blank since SupportXMR uses the password for that.

7. Enter “no” for the TLS/SSL support.

8. Enter “no” for nicehash support.

9. Enter “n” for multiple pools.

XMR-Stak should look like the picture above. Pressing enter here should launch the miner, it should identify the computer it’s running on, then connect to the pool and begin mining. If there are no errors and the mining program doesn’t crash wait 15 seconds then try pressing the following buttons to see stats about the miner. Check the pool to make sure a hashrate is showing there as well.

H – Shows you the hash rate of your PC based on CPU cores and GPUs. Make sure your GPU is listed.

C – Shows you which pool you are connected to.

R – Shows you your top results submitted to the pool (not very useful).

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